Whatever your fancy with regard to brick, block, stone, stucco, concrete we do it all. Examples of work and types of services provided.

Walls and walks of stone, brick and concrete.

Fireplaces, chimneys 

Chimney lining with Stainless steel flue lining pipe

Foundation Pointing.

Steps of brick, limestone, bluestone, granite.
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Daniel F O'Regan Mason Contr.
781 335-4928
We're not bricklayers. We are masons
With the use of an 80 foot articulating boom lift restore brick,brownstone and granite. 2015
Traditional wire backer and 3 coat stucco. 2012
Word to the wise! There are a lot of contractors operating in massachusetts that are not licenced or registered with state.  Buyer beware.
We are fullly licenced and insured and registered